Orange Bay
Hello there! Welcome to my first blog post!

So, this is it! The beginning, the origin, the starting point of my blog and I am extremely excited to share this experience with you! 

The aim of this blog is simply to share my passion for photography with the world, in the hope I can inspire and motivate many other photographers to achieve their dreams. Personally, I dream to become a Professional Photographer and experience this exhilarating hobby as a serious career. I am extremely excited to share my photographic adventures and I hope that over the next few months this blog will grow into a buzzing community of photographers from all over the world. During this process, I am especially eager to read your responses and feedback for my photos, as I am keen to learn all of the tricks and tips concerning photography.

In return, I am very happy to share my photography knowledge with any of you and if you have any questions or queries about any of the equipment I am using or even the settings on my camera, you can tweet me at @cameracompanion . You can also follow me to receive updates about my next posts or adventures!

To begin this journey I would like to share with you, as the first ever photo to be uploaded to this blog, an image that I have named "Orange Bay".

Thank you very much for reading this post (especially if you've come this far hehe) and I can't wait to share my photography adventures with you!

✪ Issie

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