Warbling Amongst the Reeds

Hello everyone!

Today's blog post is about a short trip I took to a local Nature Reserve where Photographers like myself have access to some amazing Bird Hides. The first time I visited this reserve I was stunned by the amount of Wildlife that surrounded the area. There were all manners of creatures; from Whooper Swans to Flamingos, Kingfishers to Geese! Along with the thriving nature, there was a thriving but serene atmosphere that made me feel very welcome.

One of the Bird Hides I was keen to visit first was the Kingfishers, unfortunately the time of the day was too late for any signs of seeing them. However there were plenty of beautiful Butterflies swooping past us in a flash of mostly white and red, I believe from the Cabbage Whites and the Red Admirals with some occasional brown from the Meadow Brown Butterfly!

The most eventful Hide of the day was one of the largest but surprisingly one of the quietest. The Hide had an extraordinary view over the magnificent landscape and most of it was covered in long grass and reeds. This began just in front of the hide and continued for at least a mile and amongst those reeds were, of course, Reed Warblers!

After about half an hour of just watching them diving in and out of the reeds I managed to count at least 3 different Reed Warblers. Those who are Bird experts will know that Reed Warblers are extremely fast animals that appear for mere seconds before disappearing back into the reeds. This obviously made photographing them a challenge, but I wasn't ready to give up easily. Over a long period of sitting and waiting I managed to capture several in-flight and stationary shots of the Reed Warblers of which I am very proud of. However, even with the 300mm Lens I was using at the time I could not get close enough without producing blurred images. Therefore, instead of uploading one image, I decided to pile my 4 favourite images into this blog post. Voila! If you have any feedback for the photos or if you have any questions, please feel free to comment or tweet me @CameraCompanion!
Thank you very much for reading this post and I can't wait to share more moments like these with you all!

✪ Issie
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