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As an Amateur Photographer aspiring to be a professional, I have been attempting to reach out to the other 'branches' of photography in order to gain more experience in other areas. Press Events are certainly not my forte but recently I have found myself compelled to attend any form of local press event I can, whether it's a live concert or a fundraising event. I believe my newfound interest was partly influenced by this years Wimbledon Season and seeing the magnificent array of cameras in the background.

Last year I attended my first press event at a Beach Race in my local town and took endless amounts of photos. Once I had edited the images, someone suggested that submitting it to my local Newspaper would be worth doing as they are eager to publish photos taken by freelance photographers at the events...

I emailed and uploaded the image to be sure it was sent, waited a few days for the next paper to be printed, flicked through and wow (my genuine reaction)...there it was. I was astounded and genuinely filled with joy to see a photograph that I had taken, printed in a newspaper. It may not have been the Guardian or the New York Times but I still feel very proud and that with these kind of achievements, I am getting closer to having a career in Photography.

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I hope these photos can inspire beginners or other fellow students who are considering Photography as a career!

❂ Issie

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