'Signs of Spring'

Hello everyone!

Today I am the bearer of great news! Well, great news to me...☺

Whilst on a Spring Walk a little while ago, I captured the moment a little blue-tit landed on a curved branch outside a Bird Hide. That description may not have stimulated your visual and chemical senses, but in my opinion, the actual image certainly does.

Personally, I like how the whole foreground and background is a blend of sharp branches and soothing warm colours. An oxymoron, yet beautiful in its own way.

Anyway I am digressing, so I was casually scrolling through Twitter when I came across an official BBC account, @BBCEarth and one of their posts caught my eye. It was a Wildlife image sent to them by a photographer and I was intrigued to know that the BBC account shares and posts your photographs. This motivated me to choose a recent image and send it in. And this is the outcome! Whilst it may not be a huge achievement in other perspectives, I am very proud of this and I believe this is the start of possibly my career.

I would love to know what you think about this photo and how you think it could be improved.

Thank you!

❂ Issie
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